Job description


The Branded Sites Team Quality Assurance Analyst role is responsible for supporting the Ylopo Branded Sites Team by providing thorough quality assurance checks of engineering updates and site builds to ensure the final release/product meets company standards. The Branded Quality Assurance Analyst will, through testing, identify whether products are functional, reliable, and meet expectations of both internal teams and the end user. This role will require frequent internal communication, through email, tickets, and team meetings.

Team members well-suited to this role will have experience in quality assurance role, with a focus on testing technology. Attention to detail and exceptional organizational skills are a must. Candidates do not have to have prior experience working at software or marketing companies, but should be willing to learn the intricacies of the Ylopo branded site product and understand how to guide clients through the branded site questionnaire and site build process. Most importantly, we’re looking for candidates who are quick-thinking, detail-oriented, patient, positive, and thoughtful.


    • The primary responsibility of this role is to provide testing and quality assurance of branded sites and branded site focused engineering releases
    • Conduct quality assurance testing across desktop and mobile platforms
    • Implement testing plans for new engineering releases
    • Process product reviews and inform branded sites and development teams of issues/defects/errors
    • Communicate findings to branded sites and development teams
    • Document all findings clearly on team JIRA board
    • Speak confidently and professionally with team member
    • Learn the ins and outs of Ylopo branded sites product
    • Collaborate with client success, onboarding, sales, marketing, product and technical teams on special projects as needed

    Specific Tasks:

    • Test engineering updates/releases/bug fixes/etc.
    • Document findings of QA testing in JIRA
    • Review clients’ Ylopo branded sites on a per-client basis to QA the site build


    Job Requirements:

    • Previous experience in a quality assurance or testing role
    • Professional manner
    • Consistent work habits and strong work ethic
    • Strong organizational skills and attention to detail
    • Ability to multitask, and work independently toward deadlines
    • Strong written and verbal communication skills, ability to work well in a small group setting
    • Positive demeanor, trustworthy character
    • Ability to take the initiative and see projects and tasks through to completion
    • Ability to write automation front-end tests, knowledge of Selenium a plus
    • Experience with JIRA, Zendesk, and Squarespace a plus


    • The processor should be 2.0ghz and above, Intel core 5/7 is highly required for main hardware and back-up
    • RAM should be at least 8GB with 100 GB free disk space
    • A Headset with the noise-canceling feature
    • -At least 10 Mbps & up wired connection for main ISP
    • -strictly no USB Sticks or mobile data allowed for backup ISP



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